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Palital Feed Additives is a joint venture between Palion B.V. in the Netherlands and Bewital GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, combining both their additive product lines. It is our goal and objective to create and supply quality additives for the animal feed industry as value proposition.

To meet the industries demand we create and manufacture our products in our three manufacturing facilities in Germany and The Netherlands. This ensures full control regarding the design and quality of the final products. Palital is GMP+, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and meets the requirements of the HACCP system. Furthermore Palital’s international team has prolonged experience in the needs and requirements of the industry.



Palital has a clear focus to create and design sustainable additives for the feed industry. We are actively seeking participation with the feed industry whereby we are assessing their specific needs and demands. Product development is and will be done in close cooperation with our customers. Before new products are introduced, they are routinely checked with our final customer: the animal.

Animal health and well-being, performance and return on investment are key. Long-term investments in product innovation and business relationships as well as indisputable quality standards are an integral part of our philosophy.

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